Has Christ Ever Let Me Down?


I have been reading again from a book that is a compilation of Amy Carmichael’s work.

Sometimes I catch myself getting down. Why are you cast down oh my soul? I know that there is no reason. Amy Carmichael has explained what this really is and I hope I can really take it to heart.

When I have a sad countenance, what I am really saying to everyone around me, including my children, is that I can’t absolutely trust the Lord. Oh, how that took my breathe away! I am easily caught in this snare, especially when I am struggling with wanting to eat something or buy something.

And the other question I have to ask myself in these times: Has Christ ever let me down? No, He never has and never will.

I pray that I won’t forget this needed lesson, to absolutely trust the Lord and remember that He has never let me down.


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