Never miss a blessing…


I received an email from our local homeschool association here about a family that had lost everything in a house fire. I immediately felt a strong feeling of sadness for them and that I needed to do something for them. And then the doubts and fears started to creep in. First came the thought that by now others had already donated whatever they needed. Then I was afraid to call and ask if I could help. Then came the oh well, I can’t do anything anyway. I don’t know if they would want used clothing. The shameful thoughts rolled on and on. And then I remembered a saying that I had read long ago in a book about missionaries. The married couple in this book said that they always said yes when they were asked to do something because they didn’t want to miss the blessing. Imagine that. I am blessed in giving to others. So, I emailed back that I had some things I could donate and almost immediately I felt at peace, knowing I had done the right thing, finally. It doesn’t matter if they already have enough, maybe they do. But I know that the Lord had placed that burden on my heart for that family and I am so glad that I listened. I received a response right away that they were so grateful for the donation and would come by to pick it up.

Thank you Lord for helping me to listen to You, and I pray for that family that lost all of their worldly possessions. I know they have You and each other, and that is a great blessing indeed.


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